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What is Lactose Intolerance?

What is Lactose Intolerance?

Learn more about the condition so you can cut out food and drink that cause its symptoms

There’s more to it than you think

Lactose intolerance is one of the world’s most common digestive problems. It affects people of all ages. Simply put, some of us aren’t able to digest a particular sugar called the “Lactose”. This sugar is usually found in delicious dairy products that we like to enjoy, such as milk and cheese.

1. It all starts with milk

You spend the first six months of your life consuming only milk. During this time, your body creates a handy enzyme called lactase. Lactase helps break down the lactose sugar in the milk you drink, so that your body can absorb it.

2. We start to change

However, as we get older, about 50% of us begin to make much less lactase. Some of us even stop making it altogether. That means we aren’t able to break down the lactose and this is when the trouble begins.

3. The cause of discomfort

When the lactose in your favourite dairy product finally reaches the end of your digestive tract, it doesn’t agree with the natural bacteria there and is broken down to create gas. This gas is what causes the symptoms and discomfort that come with lactose intolerance.

4. Enjoy more

If you’d like to enjoy more of the goodness of milk, without any of the side-effects, Parmalat EasyGest is a great tasting supplement that can be used in hundreds of delicious dairy-based recipes.

More from our experts

If you are lactose intolerant, you should try milk alternatives such as yogurt and lactose-free milk. This is an easy and reliable way to make the most of the health benefits associated with dairy.

To reduce the risk of chronic diseases, you should also consume two to three servings of low-fat dairy foods a day. Lactose free milk Parmalat EasyGest is an alternative, healthy option for those who have difficulty digesting dairy foods.