There’s nothing more rewarding that growing your own herbs and veggies. These super easy recycled milk carton herb gardens are so much fun to make and even more fun to watch your herbs grow in!

What you need:

  1. An empty Parmalat GrowthMilk 3+ carton (make sure to rinse it well)
  2. Art supplies to decorate, such as wrapping paper, coloured paper or cardboard, paint etc.
  3. Scissors or craft knife (for the grownups only!)
  4. Herb seedlings (basil, thyme, mint and rosemary are very easy to grow and smell delicious!)
  5. 2 cups potting soil


  1. Cut one side/panel out of your empty Parmalat GrowthMilk 3+ carton using scissors or a craft knife (for parents ONLY)
  2. Cover the carton in colourful paper or wrapping paper, paint it or even stick stickers on it. Don’t forget to label each one with what you’ll be planting in it!
  3. Once your planter is sufficiently decorated, fill it with a layer of soil, about 2 cm high.
  4. Take your seedling out of its container and loosen the roots VERY gently. Place into your carton and fill up with remaining soil.
  5. Place in a high-light area but not in direct sunlight. Make sure to keep the soil moist at all times!