DIY Christmas decorations are the best decorations! Create this adorable Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer to liven up your festive season setup. And if you had fun making one carton reindeer, why not create Santa’s whole heard?

What you need:

  • An empty Parmalat Growth 3+ carton (make sure to rinse it well)
  • Brown paper
  • Art supplies to decorate, such as coloured paper or cardboard, paint etc.
  • Scissors or craft knife (for the grownups only!)


Once you have rinsed out your empty Parmalat Growth 3+ carton and let them dry, wrap it in brown paper for Rudolph’s shiny coat. Still using the brown paper, create ears and stick them to the sides of your carton. Using coloured paper or cardboard, cut out antlers and stick them to the top of the carton, as well as a pair of eyes. Feel free to decorate your reindeer to make him look as Christmas-y as possible!

Clever tip: Use the lid of the Parmalat Growth 3+ carton coloured or painted red for Rudolph’s nose.

Once your Rudolph is finished, put him on display next to your Christmas tree for everyone to see!