How to make an easy Parmalat GrowthMilk 3+ cardboard house

Kids have such wonderful imaginations and what better way to give them the space to explore their creativity than to build a Parmalat GrowthMilk 3+ cardboard house! For this fun activity, we’ll start by giving you a step-by-step guide to building a simple playhouse. And once you’ve got going, keep building!

What you need for your cardboard house:

  • 1x Recycled Parmalat GrowthMilk 3+ Carton
  • 1x A4 page (preferably cardboard)
  • 1 pair of scissors (This is the perfect time to teach kids about scissors safety but make sure you do the cutting with your little one)
  • Acrylic/Poster paint
  • Glue

Let’s make your Parmalat GrowthMilk 3+ playhouse!

Fold the A4 page in half and then open it slightly so that it looks like a peaked roof. Lay your Parmalat GrowthMilk 3+ carton flat and glue the roof to it, so that you have a low, flat house and roof. Using the scissors, cut holes for doors and windows. Now it’s time to paint!

That’s just the start. You can keep building houses using more recycled Parmalat GrowthMilk 3+ cartons, shoeboxes, toilet rolls (they make great towers), and other boxes until you have a cardboard town!

Have fun!